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Water Mist Fan

  • Evaporative cooling and humidifier technology vaporizes water into a negatively charged mist of micro particles that cool the air and improve air quality, Ideal for hot weather or summer season.
  • Easy to control, 3 fan speed, mist system and fan oscillation. 40L water tank can mist continuously 8 hours.
  • High quality metal body Fan fiber made Heavy duty blade for low noise and more rotation. Adjustable Stand Pole you can adjust the fan height. Air coverage area about 15 meter. Reduce Temperature up to 4-8 degrees
  •  Highly recommended for Outdoor area like Garden, Open field, Factory, Poultry farm, Garage, Play ground, Construction sites
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Water Mist Fan with Adjustable Height, Humidifier Outdoor Water Spray Fan Cooler Heavy Duty Fan Blade for Garden, Workshop, Warehouse Factory, Construction Site,