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    Heavy Duty Lifeguard Chair SS

    Heavy Duty Lifeguard Chair SS,

    4 steps ladder


    Made in China,

    Provides a practical vantage point for life guard duties.

    Sturdy stainless construction with white powder coating.

    Large Stainless steel 316 wheels allowing the chair to be moved and stored with ease.

    Rubber inserts protect the pool deck from scratches and ensures stable positioning.

    Lifeguard chair has fittings for the mounting of a lifeguard Buoy and Umbrella, both
    located just behind the seating location.

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  • Stainless Steel Life Guard Chair in UAE

    Stainless Steel Life Guard Chair

    Stainless Steel Life Guard Chair


    SS 316L Heavy Duty with 4 steps

    Stainless steel thickness :1.4mm , φ 38mm round post Seat :HDPE Plastic 420*480*360CM H=1800MM W1=1000MM W2=810mm

    Lifeguard chair Stainless Steel, with footsteps and blue chair,
    Heavy duty, made in China, ideally for pool and beachfront usage.
    1). Protecting fall down in the swimming pool.
    2). Excellent quality and good material.
    3). Comfort design and seating, makes for an alert lifeguard.
    4). All chairs withstands harsh ocean elements.
    5). Chairs has “no slip steps” for when the lifeguard stands or has
    to jet into action.
    6). Maintenance free. Never peels or chips, never needs
    painting, never rusts. (with 6 months warranty against manufacturing

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  • Wooden Lifeguard Chair


    • Chair made in wooden which is resistant to
    sea water and chlorine.

    • Optional hook which can be fitted for a life ring

    • Equipped with cup holder and slot to attach a
    beach umbrella

    •The steps and seat are anti slip, and available in white color


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  • Rescue Tube

    Rescue Tube

    • Lifeguard Rescue Tube for safety
    • Water Cell foam offers a softer feel and longer life.
    • has extra width and thickness for better flotation.
    •  Approved for pools, water parks, and ideal for open water.
    • Extra wide multi-purpose shoulder strap for throwing or towing.
    • Red color
    • Available in 1 meter and 1.2 meter length
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  • Inflatable Life Jacket Image

    Solas Inflatable Life Jacket, Lamda Solas 150N & 270N

    Inflatable Life Jacket, Lamda Solas 150N & 270N

    SOLAS Inflatable Life jackets series are designed to comply with the highest standards and  manufactured in order to withstand the most adverse conditions in case of emergency.

    • User-friendly life jacket
    • Fast inflation, even at very low temperature
    • One size (adult), easily adjusted for passengers with chest size up to 175 cm or more
    • Twin chambered jacket with automatic and manual inflation systems
    • Retro-reflective tape and lifting loop with buddy line
    • Auto activation: Each chamber can be inflated via individual automatic operating head
    • Cylinders: Double 60gr CO2 cylinders
    • Manual activation: Yes
    • Visibility: High visibility yellow fabric
    • Pressure relief valves: Yes (red)
    • Retro-reflective tapes: Yes
    • Lifting loop: Lifting loop with yellow buddy line for easier rescue
    • SOLAS life jacket flashlights: Optional
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  • Shepherd Crook

    Our single loop shepherd?s crook rescue hook meets American Red Cross specifications and features a blunt-end hook large enough to safely encircle a struggling swimmer or drowning victim. Single loop shepherd?s crook is made of heavy-duty aluminum mounted on a light, super tough, bright yellow, highly visible fiberglass pole with rubber end cap. Includes two 8? poles with connector. Weight: 17 lbs.

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  • Life buoy ring in Abu Dhabi

    Life Buoy Ring for Pool

    Plastic Lifesaving Ring:

    Made of expanded orange polypropylene, with white bands and polyester rope.

    Outside measurement 75 cm.

    Inside 47 cm.

    Place of Origin : China (Mainland) Model Number : 2.5kg Product Name : Solas Lifebuoy Type : 2.5KG Outside Diameter : 740mm Inner Diameter : 440mm Buoyancy : ?14.5kg Inside material : Rigid polyurethane foam Crust material : HDPE Color : Orange Approval : CCS

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  • Supplier of Life jacket for Adults

    Life Jacket


    100% brand new and high quality.

    Lightweight with whistle and durable designed.

    Easy to adjust size fit for most people body size.

    Perfect item when doing water sports and activities.

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  • Life jacket for Kids

    Life Vest

    It is a new design with high buoyancy for maximum security.

    With Collar supports the user?s head for keeping the head out of water.

    The life jackets have a crotch strap for keeping the vest securely whilst in the water, while the small size also features fabric pampers.

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