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Stainless Steel Life Guard Chair

Stainless Steel Life Guard Chair


SS 316L Heavy Duty with 4 steps

Stainless steel thickness :1.4mm , φ 38mm round post Seat :HDPE Plastic 420*480*360CM H=1800MM W1=1000MM W2=810mm

Lifeguard chair Stainless Steel, with footsteps and blue chair,
Heavy duty, made in China, ideally for pool and beachfront usage.
1). Protecting fall down in the swimming pool.
2). Excellent quality and good material.
3). Comfort design and seating, makes for an alert lifeguard.
4). All chairs withstands harsh ocean elements.
5). Chairs has “no slip steps” for when the lifeguard stands or has
to jet into action.
6). Maintenance free. Never peels or chips, never needs
painting, never rusts. (with 6 months warranty against manufacturing

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Stainless Steel Life guard chair and Aluminium Lifeguard chair supplier in Dubai.