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Empty Sand Bags

Sand bags are excellent for use in flooded areas and are strong enough for temporary walls, raised bank, trench and levee construction.

Filled with sand/cement mixture they are also able to be used to make effective sandbag walls.

Strong, reusable, long lasting, breathable and environmentally friendly, these bags can be filled with sand sourced on-site, giving you a ready made weight or sediment control device.

These traditional Sand Bags are biodegradable ensuring less of an impact on the environment if left to maintain levees, reinforcement, etc. Our Sand Bags come with a side cut for easy filling and a tie-string for easy closing.

 Sand bags are perfect for:

  • Flood control and protection
  • Reinforcing existing dike structures
  • Erosion control
  • Levee construction
  • Providing extra weight for traffic / road signs
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