Freezer Trouser

Men’s insulated trousers

Men’s insulated trousers with padded lining and padded belt support at the back.

-waterproof seams and with high quality insulation to protect body from cold temperature.

-made of polyurethane coated oxford polyester fabric quilted polyester taffeta lining to maintain its warm temperature.

Temperature Index: -41 degree

Material: Origin Northland,

Color:dark blue.
Sizes: M, L, XL, XXL


Men’s insulated trousers with padded lining and padded belt. There are five loops on the belt three behind and two in the front. The waistband is tightened with elastic braid. On the front halves of the trousers are pockets fastened by zipper. At the bottom of the trousers there are light reflective bands 50mm wide and inner impregnated wristlets made of windproof fabric, which are tightened with a?latex rubber band.



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