Bio-S-Cape composite version including 3L 200 bar composite air cylinder (15 minutes duration)

Feature: Adjustable hood for all face shapes and accommodates all types of facial hair and spectacles.
Benefit: Optimal comfort
Feature: Wide-angle lens without optical distortion.
Feature: Reduced weight composite cylinder
Feature: Improved visibility and reduced internal reflections at the visor thanks to a dark inner surface to the hood.
Feature: Reducer triggered automatically when the bag is opened.
Benefit: Easy to use
Feature: Back of the head cushion inflates automatically to keep hood it in place.
Feature: Recharging port (EN), allowing the apparatus to be refilled after use.
Benefit: Optimal safety
Feature: Gauge visible at all times: easy to check pressure during storage inspection and escape.
Feature: Powerful alarm whistle to indicate end of operation and nonmetallic: positioned next to the ear and does not consume air(air re-injected into the hood).
Feature: Durable PVC carrying bag with a cylinder securing system.