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Fire Buckets

Metal fire buckets

Fire buckets are ideal for storing sand or other absorbent material which can be used to clean up fuel spillages.


Galvanized for corrosion resistance
10 liter capacity
Ideal for use on garage forecourts
Can be used for cigarette end disposal
Handle for transportation
10 Liter Capacity

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This is an an essential component in workplace fire safety facilities. Fire bucket is a bucket which should be kept at hand and filled with water or sand to prevent or put out a fire. Usually painted in Red colour with ‘FIRE’ stencilled in white that stand out so they can be easily and quickly found in an emergency. e buckets, they are still effective and remain a preferred method for fighting small fires, depending on your workplace environment. It is cost effective, reliable and can be used by anyone easily and without training and can be quickly refilled and maintained. Usually position them prominently at floor level, or hang them using the matching wall brackets (sold separately).

Fire buckets containing sand can also be invaluable for quickly absorbing any spilt flammable liquids, reducing the risk of ignition or explosion – which is why you’ll often see them around liquid fuel sources.