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Stainless Steel Eye Wash Shower

Stainless Steel Eyewash station


Shower Head/Bowl: High-quality Stainless steel 304.
Valve: Shower value is making of 1” stainless steel 304 ball valve.
Eye washer valve is making of 1/2” stainless steel 304 ball valve.
Water supply & outlet: 1-1/4” IPS.
Water working pressure: 0.2MPA-0.8MPA.
Flow control: 76L/Min.
Original water: Clean water or leached water.
Activation: The shower is activated by a pull rod.
The eye washer is activated by a flag handle or foot treadle.
Package: Carton size: 90x45x28cm, 1 set per export carton
G.W.: 18KG N.W.: 17KG
Meets CE (EN 1514-1:2006, EN 1514-2:2006) & ANSI Z358.1

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Use suggestions:

  •  This product is used in environments above 0°C. If it is used below 0°C, antifreeze maintenance of pipelines is required;
  •  Before installation, please flush the inlet pipe in advance,
  • It is recommended to install the water inlet control valve in the inlet pipe.
  • After use, close the inlet control valve first, and then close the eyewash valve after the water in the main body is exhausted.