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Oil Spill Pallets

Oil Spill Pallets

-Oil spill pallets includes different sizes and the different raw materials depending on the chemicals/ liquids for storage.

-Material made with strong UV resistant polythene,  from UK and USA certified companies to make sure to meet with the genuine capacity of the same.

-Always in ready stock to make very quick deliveries and genuine guaranteed quality products.


  • Fork pockets for easy movement
  • Bond regulation compliant
  • HDPE Plastic, Removable plastic grids
  • Impact durability for long life
  • Broadband chemical compatibility
  • ​with Years Guarantee upon purchase



Oil spill Pallets kit in begs and in bins in the choice of 5,10,20 and 100 liters and even more for high commercial use, In the choice of Oil, Chemicals and even universal spill kit. we also have blood spill kits for companies.